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    A punchy, cutting splash that really opens up and breathes. A raw bell design with AAX hammering and lathing results in a biting splash with plenty of substance and depth. [...]
    133,00 €
    Bursting with bright, explosive attack, this model delivers penetrating definition with total presence and power. [...]
    199,00 €
    Combining the response of a thin model with the increased power of a medium-weight, this is a highly versatile and effective crash for any drummer. [...]
    209,00 €
    Hi-boost volume and added projection maximize crash power. [...]
    220,00 €
    Aggressive attack is full, loud and very effective in high-volume playing. [...]
    225,00 €
    Dramatically dark and dry, this moody cymbal creates a definite presence. [...]
    235,00 €
    Thin design for fast and full accents loaded with a bright tone that shimmers. [...]
    276,00 €
    The warm, explosive response is fast and shimmering, for increased cut and projection. [...]
    279,00 €
    With a bright, shimmering sound and a multi-holed design increasing the agitation in its tone, this O-Zone delivers bite with a touch of anger. [...]
    289,00 €
    The warm, explosive response is fast and shimmering, for increased cut and projection. [...]
    329,00 €
    Medium weight boosts volume for solid attack and full-bodied, warm, penetrating response. [...]
    331,00 €
    The ultimate balance of bright stick definition, pure tone, and a controllable amount of wash make this a highly effective and versatile model. [...]
    339,00 €
    Soft feel and full response, with a readily-activated wash of shimmering tone complementing overall sound. [...]
    339,00 €
    Simmering, dark tones boosted by explosive power deliver a toneful explosion. [...]
    379,00 €
    A unique inverted Chinese design makes this model easier to play when mounted flat. Traditional hand hammering is used, followed by additional HHX hammering to flatten out the playing surface next to the bell. [...]
    398,00 €
    Funky feel and simmering blend of retro tone and crisp definition is ideal for grooving. [...]
    459,00 €
    Combining a huge 8'' raw bell with a lathed bow area, this cymbal is all about big power loaded with tone. [...]
    466,00 €
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    Vr 12 mei 2017
    Vandaag toegekomen, een verse lading cajons van Leiva Percussion. Kom ze uitproberen in onze winkel in Genk.
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